Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Harrison Barnes will be a key factor for Golden State

Harrison Barnes will be a key factor for Golden State

By Julian Michelucci

Since the last the Warriors have played against San Antonio, Harrison Barnes has been training diligently throughout the Off season. Sources say he has packed on a significant 15 pounds due to a vigorous strength training regimen.

Just recently Harrison Barnes threw down a nasty left handed dunk, posterizing the New Orleans guard, Ryan Anderson.

As long as the additional weight that Barnes has added doesn't hamper his skill, this added mass can come in handy. With Andre Iguodala coming to Golden State, Barnes is sure to see more minutes backing up David Lee at power forward.

Just last season Barnes delivered some of his most productive performances in both the first and second round of the 2013 playoffs. He created many mismatches and had multiple games of a surplus of 20 points. Not shabby for a rookie. However, all of these breakout games was largely in part due to the injury of David Lee, a torn right hip flexor which ultimately gave Barnes the opportunity to fill in at the power forward spot.

All great teams have great 6th men. It will likely be a few years before Barnes is experienced enough to start over Andre Iguodala at the small forward position. But until that time, what better way is there to teach Barnes then the master defender Iguodala himself? In the meantime, Harrison will find himself plenty of playing time, backing up both Andre Iguodala and David Lee.

Those extra 15 pounds of muscle will pay off as Barnes takes on tall tasks down low.

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